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gillian anderson
man.... im going to bed now. i just got done working 12.5 straight hours at work. they really really needed people doing overtime, and most other people have kids and stuff. but boy am i tired and i also lost my voice briefly.

did anyone know that rockford has an indoor waterpark? its actually awesome. it was one of those hot-tubs that's half in doors and half outdoors. and three waterslides. the waterslides leave the building and snake around the outer wall. its cool. plus their arcade kicks ass. and is like a five minute drive for my house. so yay rockford.


poison dior
So, not having cable and even if I did I work until 9, I haven't seen the new Project Runway season yet. And it hurts.

I'm doing a bracelet commission for a coworker. That's my second one! I'm a little sad the guy who bought my other one doesn't ever wear it....

books read this year

poison dior
I don't read enough, I think. At least, I barely read anything at the beginning of this year. I need to work on my vocabulary. So I'm going to see how many books I can do this year. In not necessarily the order I read them in....

the list so farCollapse )

May. 9th, 2009

poison dior
If I was the sort to twitter, I'd probably twitter something like "omg wtf is owen wilson doing at the white house press correspondence dinner?"

but no, i intend to hold off on twitter as long as possible.


poison dior

"The President is after all, a Trekkie himself and looking for a special screening, according to Politico. He once greeted Leonard Nimoy with the Vulcan hand gesture and Nimoy told him "It would be logical if you would become president.""

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. I love our president.

May. 1st, 2009

poison dior
Ok, so for the most part while I read a lot of celebrity gossip mags at work while I'm on the phone for the most part I find reading celebrity's blogs ridiculous. Plus, I am not one for the Twitter. But through browsing the Huffington Post a bit today I ended up at Elizabeth Bank's blog and twitter. I love her so much. (Scrubs, W, Zach and Miri make a porno, etc). And she seems like a really awesome person. And she's friends with Nathan Fillion, so I ended up on his twitter. And it makes me really, really happy that he uses "gorram" in regular conversation.

Also, parrots can dance!

And Liz: you're right; there is a swine flu test. But my mom went to the doctor after finally catching whatever I have (I'm still coughing, almost 3 weeks later), and the doctor wouldn't give it to her. They have to establish first who could have passed on swine flu to us. It's much, much, much more likely that we have a bad strain of something else not swine-y.

Apr. 11th, 2009

Bestest use of the internet ever!

It's like that everyone played as kids, "Telephone", where you whisper someone something and they pass it on, and it gets scrambled. Except with this, every other person draws, and the next person has to interpret it. The front page has a good example involving ninjas. It is very fun and addicting. (And you don't need to draw well, few on the site do.)

This is my favorite so far:


In general, I've decided that I should not define myself by what amuses me, but what I do. I have recently become conscious of the fact that people have suddenly become defined by what amuses them. And in a way, that makes you an empty void through which nothing truly creative comes out. (If that didn't make any sense, it's probably because I'm so tired I'm about to pass out.) And I fancy myself a creative person.

However, this new philosophy does not extend to lj-icons. Thus, new default pic!

(It might not last long, but hey it's pretty.)

Lily should dye her hair pink again. It was perty.

Edit: And I go to bed now.

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